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Sorry for the constant updates, but we are off to a roaring start and I wanted to mention a few small things!

  • Don't forget that the typist introduction post is here.
  • Once your character has a tag created, make sure you add it to the post every time they comment on something (there should be a tiny blue "tag" button when you're on the comment page). This is important!
  • We do have an uneven gender ratio right now, but we should be okay if everyone diversifies.
  • COMMENT. Comment, comment, comment. Once you've introduced your character, don't hesitate to throw them at someone else. See who has the fewest threads going on (number of tags) and leave a comment or two!
  • At some point, whether it's in their introduction post with someone else, off-screen, or in another post - make sure your character finds the key to their room (see: Resort Info in the comm profile). Off-screen is totally fine; I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that their character eventually gets a room in the resort!

    Now, an important question: should we set a chat up?
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    A chat would be wonderful!
    I'd be down with a chat!
    A chat would be rad :) Now off to create journals for my chars. :x

    All the good crack happens in chat, after all. :|
    I'll play devil's advocate and say no chat. >> Because I have no tiiiime and would hate to miss out on tons of stuff. :0
    I have to second this. :( I remember feeling incredibly left out when I didn't have time to participate in chats... and I also have zero time. D:
    See my comment (below) to Hailey!
    I agree. I mean, I don't mind if everyone else has a chat, but I'm pretty busy.
    If it makes you feel better, I imagine this as more of an OOC planning chat? I don't really think there's any way of playing this RP out in IRC chat, unlike with DF. (Though I'd love to have a few 'this doesn't count towards RP canon, but let's throw our characters in a chat!' events.)
    urm... sure? somebody would have to explain to me how it works though :\